Gen Con Plans

So, Gen Con is right around the corner and since I’ll actually be attending this year, I figured that I’d plan a little bit beforehand.

Since I really don’t know what to expect I’ve been moseying around the message boards at board game geek and came across some realizations:

  1. Gen Con is big. Like 60,000 people and several huge buildings, big. I think that I’m going to take a while to just soak in everything. I also don’t do as well by myself (introvertedness), so I’m also looking for people spend time with or else give myself times to do breaks.
  2. I need to start registering for events and plan my schedule accordingly. Also on the list is to meet developers, designers, and other awesome people in the business of gaming. Y’know, networking and getting to know people!
  3. Play games, take a lot of pictures, take lots of videos, play games!
  4. Buy games and get promos.

So with those goals in mind, it looks like I’ve got some basic planning to do. I would like to go to a few seminars, go to a few entertainment events, and spend some time just playing games in the library/demoing games that developers have brought!

So we’ll see what all happens!

(also, I found this article super helpful in beginning to plan what I was going to do. If you’re starting out, I’d suggest reading it!

Hey, we're working on it!

Good Intentions Never Get Anything Done

… It takes a lot of hard work too.

 And it seems like that hard work, well, it’s going to be a lot of work. Binge-watching Netflix isn’t going to write articles (unfortunately I could binge-watch all day long: I’m looking at you, Kuromukuro… but seriously, I’m watching Kuromukuro! So much good stuff to watch!).

 Hey, it’s Adam Stichter.

So, this is the first step in actually working on the creative projects that I’ve had on my mind for a while.

 At Jack of Peace Games, (Blog, Twitter, and Facebook), I want to explore how games tell stories, what kind of stories they tell, how they immerse players and creators, and if they promote and draw out the best in humanity. I’ve also been working on a few card and board game designs. I’m planning on starting to playtest these more regularly and allow others to comment and collaborate with me in order to get something that I would be proud to have others play and possibly buy.

 At my personal blog,, I intend to start writing reflections from the past couple years of moving around, living in under-resourced neighborhoods, and draw on what I’ve learned up till now. I haven’t written in a couple of years, and I really need to rectify that because I’ve got a lot of thoughts just waiting to be solidified into expressions of experience.

 On my personal youtube channel, I’ve been doing a video project for over a year now where I video one second of my life every day and then mash it all together into a 30ish second video. I’m also slowly preparing to write, videotape, and produce a fun, upbeat, and (hopefully) educational video series in the style of many of the short science/philosophy youtube shows out there today.

 Hopefully you’ll stick around to look at some of the things that are going through my mind. I’d love all the encouragement and feedback as I dive into all of these crazy, creative endeavors.