Game Dev Diary – Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party (PT. 3)

I recently realized that the last post I wrote about Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party was almost a year ago. It was called Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Pile back then! A few things that have changed (it’s been a year after all!) and I’ve been slowly making improvements.

I’ve been playtesting and developing the game to a point where I feel fairly confident with it. A couple of the major changes that have happened in the last year:

  • The game lasts only 1 round of throwing cards.
  • I’ve taken out throwing multiple cards at the same time. That rule was too confusing and often messed up the order of players throwing their cards
  • The game is fun and best when it’s not taken too seriously. Playing up to these strengths will make the game even better!
  • The rules have been refined and condensed. Basic play has been separated from advanced play.

I’ve gotten some good feedback through game design contests I’ve entered it into and while there has been some interest in the game, it hasn’t fit into anyone’s catalogue. I’m not very surprised, actually, as it’s a very simple game with a unique mechanic which is more like a lawn game than normal card games. (Although, more card-based games have become more active and real-time-action oriented, like Happy Salmon or 5 Minute Dungeon.)

Next steps will be to do blind playtesting for the game to make sure that the rules are easy to understand and a how-to-play video for the game! We’re going to be ordering several proof copies from Drive Thru Cards to send to people and have them play. I’m excited to see the results!

If you’d like to read the updated rules, click here! Feel free to comment and give feedback!

Pen and Graph Paper with Designs

My 4×3 challenge

I’ve given myself a challenge for the year. Before Gen Con next year, I’d like to design 12 games evenly distributed between 4 different game types. Because Gen Con is like Board game Christmas, right? (Does that make Essen Board Game New Year?)

Pen and Graph Paper with Designs

Designing a Roll and Write

I’ve already decided some of the game genres that I want to work on. I’d like to work on making 3 roll-and-write and three trick taking games. I’m not sure on what all games themes I’d like to design but I do know that I’d like to explore how to make a type of game 3 different ways! It’s not like I’m going to make the perfect trick-taking game on the first try (or even the 3rd) but exploring how to make a different game on the same premise is going to be a good exercise!

So, do you think I can do it? One game a month? And keeping to the standard of making games which promote peace and life?

Well, stay tuned!

ps. I’ve been working on a trick taking game where you gain tricks differently (it’s really rough) and I’ve decided this week to enter the Roll and Write Game Jam! You could join too! Also, I’ll post an update soon about Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Pile Party!