Pen and Graph Paper with Designs

My 4×3 challenge

I’ve given myself a challenge for the year. Before Gen Con next year, I’d like to design 12 games evenly distributed between 4 different game types. Because Gen Con is like Board game Christmas, right? (Does that make Essen Board Game New Year?)

Pen and Graph Paper with Designs

Designing a Roll and Write

I’ve already decided some of the game genres that I want to work on. I’d like to work on making 3 roll-and-write and three trick taking games. I’m not sure on what all games themes I’d like to design but I do know that I’d like to explore how to make a type of game 3 different ways! It’s not like I’m going to make the perfect trick-taking game on the first try (or even the 3rd) but exploring how to make a different game on the same premise is going to be a good exercise!

So, do you think I can do it? One game a month? And keeping to the standard of making games which promote peace and life?

Well, stay tuned!

ps. I’ve been working on a trick taking game where you gain tricks differently (it’s really rough) and I’ve decided this week to enter the Roll and Write Game Jam! You could join too! Also, I’ll post an update soon about Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Pile Party!


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