Updates! Circa Oct. 2018

You: “So, where you at?”

Me: “Um… busy?”

You: “No, but that actually doesn’t answer the question.”

Me: “Well…”

I’ve decided to post a quick update because of my 4×3 personal challenge. Nothing like an update, right?

  • Games designed this year: 2
  • Months this year: 3
  • Ideas: less than I’d like to admit
  • Other (BIG) projects: 3

So, I’ve been busy putting the final touches on Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party as I plan to be either releasing it very soon for Print on Demand or sending it out more to publishers. Up next in that project is to make a “How to Play” video and to spread out the rules even more, making the rules as language-independent as possible!

Second and Third projects aren’t actually related to Jack of Peace Games but are personal life things which have taken my focus away from game designing for a little bit. Like, having a baby on the way and figuring out if we want to buy a house before that baby comes, kind of life things.

BUT, things I’d like to do soon in the midst of all that busy is:

  1. Take more games to playtesters! (there’s a great Friday night gathering I’ve been meaning to go to!)
  2. Design a game from The Drinking Meeples’ latest idea extravaganza (I haven’t forgotten about you all!)
  3. Make sure that I’m thinking of game design ideas and trying to make rough prototypes that are playable. I’ve found that trying to cultivate game design thinking throughout the week is important to coming up with new ideas!
  4. Finish up and develop games that I have already!

So, until next time, be expectant!


Adam – Jack of Peace Games