Updates! March 2019

So, unfortunately it seems that I’m updating about once every 4 months – you know what, I’ll just own it. Day job has been busy (always is around the holidays) and I’ve been busy as well.

Important things for the last few months:

  • My son was born in February. So, life is great and coffee helps!
  • I’ve been exploring trick taking games again recently and hope to have added some to the 4×3 challenge. This is somewhat thanks to Adam’s Boardgame Wales Youtube Channel where he has a great breakdown of different types of trick taking games. Go check it out and check out his channel, it’s really great!
  • I’m prepping to do a final push for Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party. Hopefully, I’ll have a final Dev. Diary on that soon!

And that’s where I’m at! Parental leave has been good and I’ve been able to devote some time to game design, which has been a welcome addition back to my life after taking a couple month break.

Cheers! Spring (in the Northern Hemisphere) is here!


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