The State of the 4×3

Like I said in an earlier post, I gave myself a goal to make 12 games using four different mechanics. 3 games for each mechanic. Here’s an update on the state of the challenge.

Name of Game Theme Main Mechanics Player Count Development Notes
They’re a Fallin’ Autumn Roll and Write 1+ Pretty High in Development, need to balance points
NEB Space Ships Building Space Ships Player Interaction and Secret Roles 3-10 Figure out Balancing and other key issues
Doctor’s Note Giving people medicine/potions Player Interaction/Party group 4-10 Need to do first playtests
Unnamed Abstract Trick Taking 2-6 Need to make cards and do first Playtests
Team Scum Fantasy/Medieval Augmentation and Secret Roles 6-15 Need to finish making cards and do Playtests

Two of these games are games that I’ve been working on since about the challenge was started, one in February, and two in the last couple of weeks. Suffice it to say I’m behind!

As of now I have one Roll and Write, two party games, two games with secret roles, and one trick taking game (though I have been experimenting with trick taking since before the 4×3). We’ll see which categories fully flesh out but I think I would like to continue develop trick taking, secret roles, and hopefully some roll and writes (although I believe Roll and Writes are making their way out of fashion again…).


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