Bee Sweet but Undead

We love board games and podcasts. Hence, listening to Board Game Podcasts. One of our favorites is hosted by our friends at The Drinking Meeples and in one of their podcasts they played a game in which they came up with a game on the spot! It was super fun to listen to and I decided to create the game which I thought was the most original and interesting!

Hence, a solo deck management game in which you’re “killing” undead bees! However, undead is not the only property of those bees as they are drenched in honey and by using that honey you send their tiny little bees souls to a flowery afterlife. Send enough of them to the afterlife and the gathering swarm might be grateful enough to let you live another day!

Currently this game is in Playtesting. You can download a Print and Play here and let us know how you liked it here!