Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party


You’re all awesomely awesome monsters who just want to cuddle with the baby monsters! And why wouldn’t you, they’re so cute! So just when you see a baby cuddly monster you all just jump and end up making an amazing monster cuddle pile! The closest monsters get the most baby monster super cuteness and that’s really what everyone wants!

Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party is a throwing card game with physical challenges for 2-6 players. It was designed by Adam Stichter.

How to Play!

Quick Explanation of Gameplay

Each round players will throw their monster cards to try to get closest to the baby card. They will stand behind a marker card which shows an action all players must do as they throw their cards. If a player throws a card which lands action-side up, it becomes the action each player must do as they throw their card (it replaces the old action). The player whose monster-side up card is the closest to the baby monster card wins!


Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party is available online at Drive Thru Cards (Click here to order it online!and will be available at the Bloomington Game Preserve