Spotlight: A Game of Secret Area Control

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Spotlight is a head to head card game of claiming Area Cards for your secret suit. Simple gameplay meets clever choices. Will you be able to time your card plays, bluff your opponent, win more Areas, and get more points?

Spotlight expands the classic trick-taking game formula by laying the tricks out as Areas that you’ll want to secretly gain control of. The catch is, you don’t know what suit the other players will win with, so you’ll have to watch their card placements closely so you don’t end up helping them win points!

Developed with Jay Bell, we’re excited to bring this tantalizing take on classic trick taking card games to life! Spotlight plays with 2 players at a quick 30 minutes. It also has an interesting and challenging solo mode where you play against the AI “Light”. The game is a rush up until the end of the round when you reveal your true color and divvy up points from each Area.

Available Soon!

If you want to start learning the rules to get a better idea of the game, we suggest reading the rules here or by watching this quick How To Play video.

If you want to play the game, we have three ways to do so!

You can play a free digital sandbox version on Table Top Simulator or Tabletopia.

You can order a physical version on Drive Thru Cards or The Game Crafter

Or you can make your own cards by buying a Print and Play on Drive Thru Cards, PNP Arcade, or!

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