Gen Con mk2

I was incredibly lucky or blessed or lucky to go to Gen Con this year. That’s Gen Con 2017, the holy OMG it’s been 50 years of Gen Con that’s like almost twice as old as me and they’re sold out max number of people are going to this and it’s gonna be busy, Gen Con.

Good & Great Things of Gen Con

  1. Went with friends
  2. Demo’d games with Matagot, a fantastic publisher!
  3. Was able to stay in one spot and let the craziness come to me
  4. Got to go in the trade floor area early each morning
  5. Learned a TON!
  6. Less kilts than there were last year

Bad/Not Great Things of Gen Con

  1. Didn’t get enough sleep
  2. Didn’t get to demo all the games I wanted to
  3. Got sick after the Con
  4. Still too many kilts (jk)

Overall I think that this experience is only going to help me as I look to pitch games to publishers or publish under Jack of Peace Games.

Here’s hoping that next year is even better!