Game Lab!

Want to join our pretty awesome group of playtesters? You get to see our early projects and have a hand in crafting our new games!

Why Jack of Peace?

Ever wondered what inspired our name? Well, bring that wonder over here…

Cuddle Monsters!

Throwing Cards! Baby Monsters! Weird things you get to make everyone else do! This game has it all.

Excuse Our Mess!

We’re in the midst of a website redesign, so sorry about the mess! If you can’t find something you’re looking for, please let us know here in the contact section of our website.

Moving Playtesting Online

It’s been… let’s just stick with that. The last month+ has changed a lot of how we do things and what we’re doing. We hope that you are safe, are able to make ends meet, and have been able to cope with social distancing. But this situation has moved school, work, and a lot of…

New Updates and New Projects

Adam Here! I’ve been doing some very needed updating on the website (we published Super Awesome Monster Cuddle Party!) and realized that I haven’t posted an update on the 4×3 in a while. Although I’ll still be working on games from it – you can find some of them on the Games in Development page…

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We’re a Game and Puzzle Publishing Company who believe that games should promote peaceful action.

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